Our seasonal subscription boxes are a wonderful way to get to know our products and build your vintage flower pot collection. Filled with some of my favourite things, ideas, spoilies, seasonal plants and seeds - our boxes make popular gifts (especially as housewarming presents we have noticed!) and can be ordered as a one off.


Our Autumn box contains a beautiful tapered candle to light now that the evenings are drawing in, sweetpeas from Higgeldy Garden (@higgeldygarden) along with Alys Fowler's (@alysf) fabulous suggestions on how to  grow successful sweetpeas, our usual selection of pots, my very favourite Muehlenbackia 'Giga'and a handmade willow wreath, each one different using vintage sari and silk velvet ribbons. 


Subscriptions can be purchased:


  • One-off's at £45 per box 

  • Quarterly for £45 per box with 10% off if you decide to extend your subscription 

  • Annually at a 15% discount for £38 per box, or 

  • Half-yearly at a 10% discount at £40 per box.

Our Autumn box consists of:


  • A famous Danish brand tapered candle to light as the evenings draw in 

  • 3 x machine-made 50 year old  3" vintage 'seedling  terracotta pots

  • 1 x 4.5" Long Tom's planted with Muehlénbeckia, a wonderful indoor plant which can go outdoors again in the summer 

  • Higgeldy Garden sweetpeas - to sow now, along with Alys Fowlers suggestions on how to grow sweetpeas successfully

  • Three Narcissus 'Paperwhites'to plant now - along with lots of ideas of how to plant Paperwhites

  • A handmade autumn willow wreath with special ribbon 


LAST ORDERS FOR AUTUMN BOXES: 15 NOVEMBER.   Winter box is end January

Seasonal Subscription Box -Autumn