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Two Hour Garden Consultations 

Many people with established or semi-established gardens would just like some advice on how to make their garden design more coherent with seasonal planting which thrives and provides year-round beauty. 


Our 'quick & dirty' high-level two hour garden consultations are aimed at established to semi-established gardens and for people who intend to do most of the work themselves. It provides no-frills practical solutions and design ideas which bring some structure and order to your landscape, and which can be implemented with economy and without fuss.. 

Our service comprises of:

  1. A detailed questionnaire about your garden which defines plant and design preferences and the utilisation and management of the space.

  2. An on-site interactive one hour visit to your garden where I discuss my ideas on how to bring coherence and structure to the garden with some simple design concepts and planting recommedations.  

  3. A design 'toolkit'  which includes:

    • A written summary of the garden visit and my recommendations.

    • A narrated design sketch with planting ideas illustrating our design solutions. 

    • A plant 'master' list of plants which would suit your garden and fulfill your design aspitations.

    • Suggestions on  how and where to source plants, affordable irrigation systems, compost, containers and hard landscaping.  . 

If after our consultation you would like more detail or would like to expand into our full garden design service this is easily done and we fold the cost of the consultation into our design quote.   

Please note our two hour consultations are only available within Greater London and the Home Counties. Our garden design services are UK-wide.  


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