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We design spaces which are beautiful, manageable and good for people and the environment. We aim to keep the design process straightforward and work with the opportunities and constraints offered by the site to develop strong 'bones' and a design language which matches your lifestyle: In smaller spaces every element has to work hard, so we focus on the details, ensuring that everything fulfills its purpose. 


We have extensive experience in Central and Greater London and bring our distinctive bio-diverse meadow-style  to the urban environment  creating soft transitional edges between public and private spaces. Our planting designs are seasonal and successional ensuring that there is always structure, colour and texture throughout the year and which capture light and movement, welcoming back birds, bees and butterflies.into the city.  Our skill is to choose the right plants for the right places and to work creatively and collaboratively with our clients and the opportunity.  

We recognise that not everyone needs our full design service and so we offer a 'quick and dirty' two hour garden consultation service which  provides a high-level overview of your garden with practical suggestions on how to create a more coherent and effective space.  






2023 IoW.jpg

A coastal gravel garden on the Isle of Wight

pano 1.jpg
edge 2.jpg
edge 3.jpg
edge 1.jpg

A significant planting of late summer perennials on a busy Mayfair street creating a soft edge with texture and movement with dynamic biodiversity 

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