We're all about vintage garden pots & bringing our favourite garden perennials & annuals into our home.  Most of our pots are English terracotta, many over 60 years old and range from 3" Tom Thumbs to 20" tomato pots. . 


Our Christmas wreaths are now available for pre-order. Inspired by travel, both reall & imagined to Venice, Seville, London and the Isle of Wight - our wreaths are handmade & shipped in sturdy wreath boxes. As supply is limited, orders are on a First Come Firest Served basis.


Our plants are not 'indoor' plants but garden plants brought inside when flowering. Many will need to be planted out when they  have finished flowering & so we offer a refresh service with plants sent to you in non-plastic containers for you to re-pot. 


We stock a unique  and curated range of pots to hire and buy. Our pots are carefully sourced and checked so that they are fit for purpose. We provide a provenance for each pot along with their use both past, present and future.




Our love of bringing potted plants from the garden into our home comes from Julia's work in landscape conservation in country estates across the UK. Historically, gardeners have potted-up flowering plants to bring indoors and the tradition lives on here at The English Potted Plant Company. 

Potted  plants are a sustainable way to always have seasonal flowers in your home and we particularly love the fact that once they've finished flowering they can be re-planted out in the garden and the pots re-used for something new.

Our vintage potted plants are available for sale here and in our Etsy shop EnglishPottedPlantCo.  We offer a quarterly subscription service to grow your vintage pot collection, a plant refresh service and we hire out our 'Crack Pots' to event managers, florists, stylists and photographers.  We also sell our pots with their providence attached and we deliver anything larger than 10"ourselves or arrange collection. 


Our garden design practice is based in Greater London and the Home Counties and includes window box & courtyard  potsand a full design service. 


Please get in touch with the little chat button bottom right with and follow us on Instagram @the_english_potted_plant_co. which we update daily.  


Happy potting!