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A new service which provides a sustainable solution to cut flowers at home and work. Whilst we absolutely love having flowers they can be both costly and time-consuming to replace. We're also not crazy about throwing flowers away so often or the worrying carbon footprint on some of the imported varieties and so we've always preferred to pot-up flowering plants from the garden to bring inside, as an alternative. .

As potted plants arn't always practical and in seeking a sustainable ways to provide flowers and plants for our clients, we've been inspired by the Victorian practise of creating pot-et-fleurs which were a combination of fresh flowers and plants together.  We've put our own twist on the Victorian way to make pot-et-fleurs and instead of using fresh flowers we have incorporated natural foraged elements to create striking floral installations which last at least six weeks and which reflect botht heir environment and the seasons.  

And that's not all: We can provide our Pot-et-Fleurs in our own containers or we can use yours! We can design a pot-et-fleur especially for your space or you can choose one of our monthly designs available on our website - see Febriary's mid-winter arrangement below and which can be ordered in our online shop here.


To order one of our Pot-et-Fleurs is very simple. Either contact us  or use the Instant Messaging button at the bottom right hand side of this page. We can fetch and fill containers if you live in Central London and will deliver these to you, when and how often you like. If you would like to use one of our containers we will charge you a refundable deposit just to cover any breakages. .  . 

February's Pot et Fleur 

Using a handmade Cleefold Pottery stone ware bowl, we have combined Primula 'Maple Sugar'and dried woodland 'Turkey Tail' fungi  and natural moss to make a delightful bowl of deep colour and textures which will brighten any space. Designed to last at least six weeks the primula are planted in inner pots and will only require watering twice a week. 



This Pot-et-Fleur featuring an early 19th century ironstone punchbowl and the finest quality Optiflor orchids was supplied to a Mayfair pub to provide historical context to their name as well a gorgeous long-lasting flowers. Using our wonderful range of antique and one-off planters and vases, we can provide unique installtions which are both a talking point and a sustainable alternative to fresh flowers.  

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