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Our Pot-et-Fleur arrangements are perfect for both your home and business as a sustainable alternative to cut flowers or potted plants.  Pot-et-Fleurs are designed to last at least six weeks and consist of a combination of seasonal plants, flowers and natural elements. made up in statement containers, which can be replanted and refreshed when required.  


We are happy to make up any design for your space using seasonal plants and if you have your own containers, we can fetch and fill these for you. You can also choose from the monthly selection we will have online which we can adapt to suit your needs and space. 


February's Pot-et-Fleur is made up of gorgeous dried woodland fungi known as 'Turkey tail' which we have planted with a brand new variety of primulas known as 'Maple Sugar'as its scent is reminiscent of maple syrup. The primulas will flower into the spring and will provide both colour and scent. The fungi provides structure and texture to the arrangement and is suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors. We have used a stoneware bowl from Cleefold Pottery for this example and have a range of similar bowls which can also be used to scale up the size.  We are also happy to use your containers and will fetch and fill these for you.


PLease contact us to discuss your ideas and will be happy to help you. 



February's Pot et Fleur arrangement: Fungi & Maple Sugar primulas


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