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Keeling & Co was a Stoke-on-Trent pottery from 1876 to 1936 and they were famous for their Losol Ware. The trade name LOSOL was in use from 1912-1936 and items bearing this name are becoming increasingly collected. Losol Ware was fascinating as the glazing used by Keeling & Co contained less than 1 per cent, of soluble lead and was harmless to the pottery workers. As they found they could work with this "low solubility glaze", they started calling their ware "Losol," a contraction of the words "low solubility."


This beautiful apple green tureen planted with hyacinths is in excellent condition and could be used as either a planter or vegetable dish. The scented white hyacinths will flower for weeks and the bulbs can be planted again next seasonmaking making this such a sustainable way to send someone a special present.  Carefully packaged with a personalised card, provenance and plant care instructions, this is shipped overnight with couriers with the option of gift wrapping.

Vintage Losol Ware green tureen with hyacinths


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