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Contemporary jardienere (16cm height/16cm diameter) unmarked but potentially Chinese. Beautiful detail in the botanical drawings and a substantial weight. A lovely piece. 


Generously planted with fragrant tiger striped xCambria orchids, which is the commercial name for intergeneric hybrids created in a lab in 1911 by Charles Vuylsteke. Cambria is now used as a collective term for an increasingly large group of hybrid orchids from diverse parentage. Fortunately, they seem to have inherited the most obliging characteristics from their forebears and are very easy to look after – watering once a week and being kept in draught-free rooms and away from direct sunlight seems to do the trick. They are a good choice for the complete beginner to orchid growing in the home.


All our plants are accompanied with detailed care instructions and are packed up carefully in compostable recycled boxes packed with straw and recycled packaging. Our potted plants make memorable gifts as nothing is single use - the jardienere is a multiple purpose planter   and the orchids can be re- planted onto other pots and will grow significantly.  Each potted plant comes with a personalised gift card and the option of our Cambridge Imprint wrapping paper and vintage velvet ribbon.

Botanical jardienere planted with Cambrian orchids


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