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There are over 500 species in the Viola genus, including annuals, perennials, and even subshrubs. Collectively, they are known as violas, though garden types are usually called pansies. As a group, viola flowers include both pure species types and many hundreds of hybrids and cultivars in all shades of the rainbow. Violas flower primarily in cooler weather and bloom throughout the autumn and  winter. Their flowers are edible and make lovely garnishes and salad ingredients. They can also be crystallised to decorate cakes.  


Handsome 10cm high French terracotta pot from a recent delivery. Soft Provencal colour and in excellent condition. 


All our plants are accompanied with detailed care instructions and are packed up carefully in compostable recycled boxes packed with straw and recycled packaging. Our potted plants make memorable gifts as nothing is single use - the pot is multiple purpose and can be added to your clay pot collection for use both indoors and in the garden and the pansies can be planted outside at the end of their flowering season.  Each potted plant comes with a personalised gift card and the option of our Cambridge Imprint wrapping paper and vintage velvet ribbon.



French terracotta pot planted with winter pansies


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