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Large vintage Japanese Imari Fluted / Scalloped Meiji Oriental Bowl in Blue & Red. In excellent vintage condition, no chips, cracks or scratches.

Width: 26cm Height 7.5cm


Japan opened trading to Europe and America at the start of the Meiji period (1868-1913). During this period the Japanese porcelain industry centered around the city of Arita. The largest nearby port was called Imari, through which porcelain wares were exported. Wares are therefore known as Imari or Arita. 


Imari ware can be difficult to date. Earlier Japanese ceramics for export were often unmarked, although pieces from the more established kilns may be signed by the artist and/or their patron's name. After 1868 and during the expansion of porcelain production for export, it is therefore very common to find unmarked pieces. From 1891 exports to America required that items were marked with the country of origin. However this did not apply to other countries - so whilst wares were increasingly marked, unmarked pieces were still common. 


The bowl has an inner plastic bowl generously planted with four flowering  cyclamen plants which will flower for weeks. All our plants are accompanied with detailed care instructions and packed up carefully in compostable recycled boxes packed with straw and shipped with an overnight courier service. 


Our potted plants  make lovely sustainable gifts as nothing is single use or thrown away - the bowl can be used for multiple purposes and the  plants can be planted out in the garden at the end of their flowering season. Each pot comes with a personalised gift card and the option of our hand blocked ‘sari’ wrapping paper and vintage velvet ribbon.

Large Imari Bowl planted with Cyclamens


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