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Large and striking Victorian antique ‘Flow ware’ twin handled bowl in the Ciris Asian Design by  Wood & Brownfield. Judging by the mark we think this was made in c1870’s. Brownfield were manufacturers of earthenware and porcelain (porcelain introduced in 1871) at Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent. 


Flow blue was very popular with the Victorians and originated in the Regency era, sometime in the 1820s, among the Staffordshire potters of England. The name is derived from the blue glaze that blurred or "flowed" during the firing process.  Like this bowl, most flow blue ware is a kind of transferware, where the decorative patterns were applied with a paper stencil to often white-glazed blanks, or standard pottery shapes, though some wares were hand painted. The stencils burned away in the kiln. 


Planted with over 20 Paperwhite bulbs this beautiful bowl makes a very striking bulb container. These have been planted in an inner plastic bowl in compost and have started to push up. They will be flowering by Christmas. Along with the bowl, our Paperwhite bulbs come with natural moss and and larch twigs with generous raffia which attractively holds their long leaves upright.

Shipped in our compostable hay boxes with step by step ‘how to make ‘ and care instructions and a personalised gift card. This bulb bowl makes a beautiful and sustainable gift as the bowl can be reused for spring bulbs like Tete a Tete once the bulbs have finished flowering.


Photo of bowl of flowering Paperwhites by Charlie McCormick, with thanks.

Large Victorian Flow ware tureen filled with Paperwhites


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