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Our Paperwhite bulb kit means you can grow your own gloriously scented early flowering indoor bulbs in a 6" vintage terracotta pot. These bulbs will start to flower about six - eight  weeks after planting and fill the room with their scent. 
Along with the terracotta pot, our Paperwhite bulbs come with natural moss and and larch twigs with generous raffia which attractively holds their long leaves upright. The kit consists of:


6/7 x Paperwhite bulbs
6" vintage terracotta pot
Larch twigs
Compost mixed with vermuculite
Detailed growing instructions 


Once you’ve opened the box and unpacked all your kit elements, it should only take a couple of minutes to put your bulb vase together.


With step by  step ‘how to make ‘ and care instructions and a personalised gift card. This kit makes a beautiful gift as not only are the flowers really pretty in your home but the glass vase can be reused once the bulbs have finished flowering.


Perfect corporate gifting or for book club activities, teachers gifts and just a little special something for someone.

Paperwhites 'Grow Your Own' Kit and vintage terracotta pot


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