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William Shirtcliffe, Sheffield, silver plated EPNS bowl, in good condition,  with lovely feet detail and handscome proportions.  According to a trade advertisement (1884), this business was founded in 1851. In the Census (1861), he was enumerated as a metal agent, but later in that decade was a silver plated goods manufacturer in Broomspring Lane. By the 1870s, his address was Rockingham Street, where he advertised as a manufacturer of silver and plated table cutlery and ivory table cutlery. Shirtcliffe, Mount View Road, died (aged 67) in1894 and the firm was no longer listed by that date.


PLanted with hyacinth bulbs and natural moss which will flower for weeks over the Christmas period. Our potted plants make wonderfully sustainable gifts as each element can be re-used and is special. We pack very carefully and include detailed care instructions and provenance (where applicable) and courier within 3-5 days with overnight couriers. Gift wrapping with Cambridge Imprint paper and vintage ribbon is an option along with a personalised card.

Victorian silver plated Shirtcliffe bowl planted with hyacinths


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